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There are many needs for tree removal the most obvious need being the 3D’s (Dead, Dying, or Damaged). Many diseases can make a potential hazard. Often times developers leave “partially wooded lots” and remove most trees leaving a few lone trees without support trees. This leaves them thin, tall, top-heavy, exposed, and prone to wind damage. Roots cause damage to utilities, foundations, and driveways. Some outgrow their environment. At Dixie Arbor Care, we are highly qualified to handle all hazardous takedowns. We’re backed by over 20 years of experience, so you can trust us for knowledge and expertise in handling trees of all sizes. Whether you need to tackle one residential tree removal or need a more comprehensive dead tree removal service for site preparation, we can help. With our continuing education, we are up to date on all techniques and best practices to ensure an efficient service. Our services are available to clients in and around Dallas, GA.

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