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How We Are Eco-Friendly!


The world around us is a vast ecosystem and trees are a large part! To me, trees are the most amazing part that, which is why I got into the tree business. Not only am I here for your safety, I am here for the health of your trees. There are many tree services out there who are willing to clear-cut, pulp-out, top beautiful historic oaks, and many other non-green practices that will kill your trees. We strive to be earth conscious, below are the many ways we do just that.

  • ​Recycle, Recycle, And Upcycle.​

    All debris removed by us is turned into lumber, firewood, ply, or mulch. We never dump into the land fills. Waste never goes to waste. We do not clear cut or pulpwood. We also have many local wood carvers we supply to make art. No tree goes to waste. We also plant trees per customer request.

  • Animals and Bee's

    If we encounter animals and we always do, we do many things to keep the removal of there home minimal. Bird nests are placed carefully near by. When we run into squirrels in spring, we take them to our local squirrel rescue to be rehabilitated and released one mile from which they are found. Some times we run across honey bee hives, we make sure to call bee keepers to safely remove the colony with the queen.

  • Eco-conscious

    ​We strive to become reliant on biofuel as our company grows. We recommend compost tea over store bought fertilizers any day. We only preform proper pruning techniques, no topping. We are paperless, we email all of our estimates and invoices. We never fly-er your mail box (you know the ones). Our primary effort is recycling.

    Don’t forget Arbor day and participate in your local arbor day events